Dubai Police Clearance Certificate

Dubai Police Clearance Certificate (PCC): What You Need To Know

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is an official document issued by the police department of a country stating whether or not an applicant has any past criminal record. Generally, a PCC is required when an expat applies for residential visa, employment visa, or long term visa overseas. Since more than half of Dubai’s population is comprised of expats, employment is the main reason behind this demographic change. PCC is a compulsory document required for employment and other visas. A PCC is also known as a certificate of good conduct/ good citizen certificate/ national police history check. The services for Police Clearance Certificate in Dubai and other countries are uncomplicated comparatively to other documents. 

Dubai Police Clearance Certificate

What is the procedure for applying for Police Clearance Certificate from Dubai?

Expats who are already residing in the UAE or are no longer UAE residents can apply for the PCC online through the Ministry of Interior’s (MOI) official portal or by visiting their service centres or via their mobile app “MOI UAE.” You will have to fill an application and pay the required fee for initiating the process. The service fee for PCC for UAE nationals is 100 Dh and for expats residing in the country is 200 Dh. The expats who are applying for the PCC from outside the country will have to pay 300 Dh. You can easily avail the services for Police Clearance Certificate for UK, Qatar, and many more countries in Dubai.

Documents required for the PCC are:

  1. A valid Emirates Identity card.
  2. A letter from the applicant claiming that he/ she does not have any criminal conviction against him/ her.
  3. A recent passport size photograph.
  4. One copy of the applicant’s passport.

Expats who are planning to stay in Dubai and require PCC for acquiring a visa have to first attest their fingerprint card from the UAE Embassy located in their native country. A fingerprint card is an official report issued by the police department regarding the verification of the applicant. Afterwards, the PCC request will be forwarded to the MOI or to the UAE police department along with other supporting documents.

Business Setup in Dubai

Business Setup in Dubai: Why Dubai is a Favorable Marketplace

Over the past few years, Dubai has firmly established itself as a global leader by providing unravelled access to the world’s most potent economy. Liberal business policies and readiness to address the needs of the business world has made Dubai a more favorable destination for entrepreneurs. Currently, Dubai has the most future-forward economy for accelerating the growth. If you too are planning to establish your business overseas, then Dubai is the most favorable destination for you. However, before pursuing your dream, one thing that you must take care of is the Chamber of Commerce and UAE Embassy attestation.  

Business Setup in Dubai

From low logistical and operational costs to an international outlook, diversification, and liberal government policies, Dubai is apt for all the aspiring business owners. There are millions of benefits of starting your dream business in Dubai. Let’s learn more about these benefits.

1. Strategic Location

The strategic location of Dubai provides it an advantage of being at the center of the international trade route between the East and the West. It is the gateway to the world’s most progressive markets, i.e., China, India, and Africa. This buoyant local economy is endowed with ample cheap supplies. 

2. Economic Stability

The continually evolving economy of the UAE has allowed it to maintain a position of leading Gulf country. The high-end infrastructure and execution of the smart initiatives by the UAE government has changed the face of Dubai and made it the smart Arab city. The govt. has also made initiatives to keep this economy open and free to attract foreign investors and business.  

3. World Class Infrastructure

The world-class infrastructure of Dubai enables sophisticated and smooth functioning. From specialized free zones to international airports, seaports, power, residential accommodation, regional and international freight service, and other utilities, Dubai has the best infrastructure in the world.

4. Tax-Free Economy

The tax-free economy of Dubai lures business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors from all over the world. Low value-added tax (VAT), no direct taxes, low custom duties, no foreign exchange control, stable exchange rate, and numerous such policies are designed to increase foreign investment in the country.

5. Extensive Trade Network

Dubai also boasts an extensive foreign trade network extending to numerous countries and providing diverse choices. Its liberal visa policies also permit easy import and export of goods as well as labors.